Firewalking Articles

Umu Ki

The First Huna Firewalk (1890s) by Williams Tufts Brigham (as transcribed by Max Freedom Long)

Firewalking From the Inside (1949) by Charles W. Kenn

Book Review by Max Freedom Long (1949)

What Price Firewalking? by Max Freedom Long (1951)

Initiation Into the Body of Firewalk Priests (2001) by Ho`anoiWahinenuiho`aLani

The Hunian Firewalk: How the Umu Ki Ceremony was returned to Huna (2006) by Ho`anoiWahinenuiho`aLani

Pre Firewalking Movement

Te Umu Ti, A Raiatean Ceremony (1893) by Miss Teuira Henry

Mystic Isles of the South Seas (1921) by Frederick O’Brien

Firewalkers of the South Seas (May 1953) by Wilmon Menard (Rosicrucian Digest)

The Function of Ritualism (January 1953) by The Imperator (Rosicrucian Digest)

Firewalking Movement

The Roots of Consciousness: Firewalking (1975) by Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD

Firewalking: The Psychology of Physical Immunity – Take a Stand in the Fire (1991??) by Jonathan Sternfield

Dancing with the Fire: The Skeptical Mind (1989) by Michael Sky

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