The Umu Ki Firewalking Ceremony

Practiced for hundreds of years throughout Polynesia, the sacred ceremony continues to be a source of Faith and Inspiration.

The Umu Ki training develops qualities of Compassion, Unity, Harmony, and an experience of Divine Inpsiration for people who participate.

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Umu Ki  literally means Ti Plant Oven. The Polynesians built a firepit, and cooked their food in it. They usually covered the pit with Ti Plant, thus the name Umu Ti or Umu Ki.

Wood ready to lite. Ti Leaves of protection are spread around

Wood ready to light. Ti Leaves of protection are spread around

Large Fire made Sacred

Large Fire made Sacred

Fire Ready to Walk

Fire Ready to Walk

This is the design for The Fire Walk Temple (Ke Umu Ki Heiau). One will be built in San Diego area. Additional Firewalk Temples will be created in other cities were their are Firewalk Priests to create and maintain them. Each element of the temple has elements that cultivate the spiritual teachings of this tradition.

The Firewalk Temple (drawings)

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